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Our Humble Beginning

Carolina Chic Home & Salvage

For those of you who don't know us, we might look like we've got it all together.  Let me tell you a secret; WE DON'T!  If we could (and maybe when we do) write a book, you'd quickly find out that our lives are probably just like yours.  Two regular, imperfect people, working hard to make our marriage and family thrive.  We've got kids, dogs, car problems, and unmowed patches of grass that have to be cut with scissors (because we're so tired and don't want to drag out the whole lawnmower).  Seriously, though.  With all of that aforementioned going on, something crazy inside of us decided to take on business ownership.  And this is how it began...

We weren't exactly newlyweds, but we were new homeowners and our house was a blank slate. Through our first 4 years of marriage, we had acquired a few things, but they were mostly all mass produced, and store bought. I had originally wanted to go with a very modern feel to our decor, but quickly realized that that theme did not suit our new space. We spent every penny we had trying to make the house buying process happen. With one child already and another on the way, there was very little money for necessities much less anything else. So here we were with this new house: what were we going to put in it to make it feel like home?

Cole is a musician, so he is naturally creative and weird. I grew up making crafts with my mom and grandmother. Every year around the holidays, we used to load up the station wagon and drive for what seemed like days until we reached every popular craft show this side of the Mississippi.  We just had to find a way to combine my craftiness and his creativity.

Inspired by popular television shows, we began to take random objects and repurpose them into whatever we wanted them to be.  Apple crates became end tables, tree brush and sticks became wall art.  One piece at a time, we began to transform our new space.  Friends and family complimented our one of a kind pieces and started requesting that we make pieces for them to put in their homes.  The more stuff we made, the better each piece got and the more creative we were able to be.

At first we kept our hobby at just that...a hobby. We'd make a piece here and there; whenever we could find time.  Eventually push came to shove.  Cole's job wanted him to do a substantial amount of travel out of town to which we finally said enough was enough. We had thought and prayed about making this a full time venture, but being that Cole was the bread winner for our home, it always seemed like a distant reality. We wanted God to make it extremely clear to us that we were SUPPOSED to do this and that we weren't just flying out on a limb and doing what WE wanted do. 

After several occurrences and impossibilities that could only have been a sign from God, we took a leap of faith.  Cole walked away from his full time job and began to put full time effort into building our own brand and business. It sure isn't easy and it's not always fun, but at the end of the day, we know we are following the Lord's plan for our lives. There have been and continue to be ups and downs; highs and lows.  Through it all, Carolina Chic is something that we can call ours, and of that we are proud.

We are extremely grateful for all of you who support our hard work and continue to encourage us along in this journey.



Owner - Carolina Chic Home and Salvage

Carolina Chic Home & Salvage